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Aaram bindu

  • This is 100% Ayurvedic oil which do not contain any chemicals.
    This product is purely prepare from arch of various herbs.
  • Indication :
  • Snoring : Take 2-3 drops at bed time in steam inhalation for 2-3months and see the difference.
  • Migraine: Take 2-3 drops in steam inhalation for 4-5 months.
  • Acidity : Put 2-3 drops on the belly button and also rub 2 drops from chest to stomach for 30 seconds.
  • Cold : Take 2-3 drops in hand and rub it for 20 seconds , now inhale it for 30 Seconds.You can repeat the same every 2-3 hours.
    Also, Take 2-3 drops on handkerchief and inhale it.
    Put 2-3 drops in steamer and take a steam morning and evening .
  • Sinus: Take 2-3 drops in stem inhalation for 2-3 weeks.
  • Joint or Muscular Pain : Drop 2-3 on surface of pain and rub it smoothly for 2-3 minutes. 7 days you can feel the difference.
  • Asthma: Take 2-3 drops at bed time in steam inhalation to bring out the cough.
    Also, every 2-3 hours , take 2 drops in your hand and rub it for 20 Seconds then inhale the same for 30 seconds.
  • Smokers : Take 2-3 drops after every smoking through rubbing hand and inhaling it. Also, at bed time take 2-3 drops in steam inhalation for reducing the smoking cough.
  • Lung Cleaning: Every day night before bed time put 2-3 drops in steam inhalation and took steam for 2-5 minutes which will clean your lungs or inhale the drops by rubbing it on your hand.


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