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  • CLEARS BLOCKAGES IN 30 MINUTES – D-Clean is a drain cleaner that clears the blockage in washbasins, sinks, bathrooms and other drain pipes within 30 minutes
  • REMOVES CLOGS – D-Clean is effective in removing clogs in washbasins, sinks, bathrooms and other drain pipes because of hair grease, food oil
  • KILLS BAD SMELL & ODOUR – D-Clean effectively removes foul smells and odours from drain pipes and kills germs and insects residing inside drains
  • DIRECTIONS FOR USE – Recommended using weekly or monthly for preventing drain clogs. Put 100 gm of D-Clean and pour a glassful of water into the pipe. Leave it for 30 minutes for an adequate reaction. For better results, leave overnight. Flush well with water to clean the line. Use monthly for trouble-free drains
  • NO MANUAL HASSLE – D-Clean can quickly clear the drain without the need for drain spring pipe, plunger, drain stick, or cleaning hook. D-Clean can replace all your sink and washbasin cleaning tools to clean the drains more efficiently.


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