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Greasy Stain Cleaner



·         Extra Strength Formulation with  Powerful Cleaning Surfactants. Fast-acting On Tough Oils, Grease, And Surface Soils.

·         Cleans Equipment, Appliances, Walls & More. Great For Spray And Wipe Applications.

·         Ideal For Households To Industrial To Institutional.

·         This Versatile Water-based Degreaser Is High-performance.

·         Easily Cuts Through Heavy Buildups Of Dirt, Grease, Grime & Food Soils, Variety Of Applications

·         This Powerful, Grease-cutting Formula Will Work Fast To Get Your Kitchen Cleaned Up.

·         Spray-On The Surface And Wait While It Dissolves Away Stubborn Stains So You Can Wipe Them Away Or Scrub.

·         Can Be Used To Clean On The Backsplash, Cooktop, Stovetop, Kitchen Counters & Cabinets, Sink, And Microwave.

·         100% tricky grease removal. 100% without Streak.


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