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Rose Hand Wash – Rabboni

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Let rose bring some indulgence to your everyday hand washing experience. Rabboni has produced a beautiful rose-scented hand wash with the same goodness that’ll make your skin softer and smoother with each Wash. Rose has excellent moisturizing and antibacterial properties. Hence, no wonder it is perfect for sensitive skin and especially those who have scaly and patched skin. Essentially made to enrich the skin, the hand wash contains natural rose oil that’ll provide you with the best protection from pollution as well as sun damage.

Rose oil has innumerable skin benefits. It is one of the most beneficial natural ingredients for the skin. It has excellent antiseptic qualities, which prevent infections. The oil is also one of the great antibacterial agents necessary to avoid pollutants from affecting the skin. Therefore, if you want all-around protection from germs, it will be advisable to opt for the rose hand wash as it will provide you with proper care.

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